15 Ways to Rate One of Summer’s Best Loved Fragrances – Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Incredible Daring

The sales associate says that this fragrance has been discontinued and is no longer available in stores or by catalog. However, the associate hinted that often favorite fragrances reappear around the holidays. Keep an eye out for it and let me know if you spot it first.


Summer is over, Fall has arrived.  Sunsets are a little richer.   The air is a little more crisp.  I can’t help but to reflect on a simple pleasures that I will miss from this summer.   What excited me about a new day?  What made me look for the silver lining in the cloud?  What gave me the extra spring in my step?  This year I will miss one of my favorite fragrances.  Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Incredible Daring.  It’s a fresh, floral scent with the essence of energy.  I rate fragrances based on the following scale.   I give 3 stars if I love it, 2 stars if I like it, 1 star if it is ok, o stars if I hate it.  See how my beloved summer fragrance measured up.  

  1. Variety in Size -  Does the fragrance offer large, small, medium,  and purse sizes.
  2. Variety in Strength -  Does the fragrence offer a a variety of strengths, such as  refreshing mist, eua de toilette spray,  eau de perfume spray, or genuine perfume oils, (sometimes sol in concentrated solids).
  3. Variety in Coordinating Notes and Versions-  Does the fragrance offer several versions of the same fragrance.  Many times the main note will remain the same but other notes will be changed to give the fragrance familiarity and yet variety.
  4. Signature Fragrance Wardrobing – Does the perfume offer coordinating fragrance accessories in  concentrated balms, powders, oils, waxes, candles, rooms sprays, lingerie satchels, and home/bath products  that can bring harmony to your lifestyle?
  5. Depth of Fragrance - Fragrances often begin light and then deepen once they have had the opportunity to mingle with your personal body chemistry and pheromones. A fragrance that has blended with your chemistry will sometimes smell different than it did on the first spray. Or you may find that you can’t even smell the fragrance at all, while others complement the fragrance they smell on you.  Has this ever happened to you?
  6. Inspiration – Does it encourage a new emotion in you or inspire a new feeling in you?  Does it motivate or calm you?
  7. Synergy -  Can you mix this fragrance with others and create new ones?
  8. Packaging – Do you feel like you can’t wait to open the perfect present?
  9. Uniqueness   – Is this a fragrance like nothing you have ever smelled before? Or are there several fragrance that smell quite similar to it?
  10. Popularity –  Is this the fragrance that everyone is wearing right now?   This may be a good thing to you it may also be a bad thing.
  11. Marketing and Role Models – Do you like the message and the role model selected for their ad campaign?  They determine how you will see yourself and how others see you.
  12. Accessibility  - Is the fragrance assessable to most people by location and price?  Depending of the audience,  accessibility may be a good or a bad thing.
  13. Ease of Use -How easy is it to open the top and use the fragrance?
  14. Well Traveled-  Does the fragrance have a travel size, travel safe protective packaging, or is it easily repurchased in many nearby stores.
  15. Endurance/Integrity -  Does the smell stay true and stay with you through your day.

I give Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy Incredible Daring the following review:

  1. Variety in Size -  ** stars  for a beautiful large vanity size and a shower tote size.
  2. Variety in Strength -  ** stars for two strengths.
  3. Variety in  Coordinating Notes and Versions-  * star for  one variety of other very sexy fragrances.
  4. Signature Fragrance Wardrobing -  ** stars - there is a lotion and body spray.
  5. Depth of Fragrance -*** stars
  6. Inspiration - *** stars
  7. Synergy -  *** stars
  8. Packaging -*** stars
  9. Uniqueness ** stars
  10. Popularity - * star
  11. Marketing and Role Model - *** stars
  12. Accessibility  - 0 stars – it’s discontinued :-(
  13. Ease of Use  -  *** stars
  14. Well Traveled-  * star – no travel sizes.
  15. Endurance/Integrity –  ** stars.
How would you rate this fragrance?
 What  do you think about this scale as a way to rate fragrances?  
How would you rate this fragrance?
 Since Very Sexy Incredible Daring is Discontinued, what do you think a good dupe/replacement for this fragrance is? 
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