The Best Purse of the Season is Back in Stores – 10 Reasons Why I Love the Aldo Lanford!

  1. Coco Chanel styling –  details such as the  color, quilting, and chain link hardware make this bag a stylist’s  favorite.  This purse is suitable for the romantic and classic fashion personality.
  2. Hardware – a rare and beautiful shade of strawberry/champaign gold.
  3. Structural integrity – this bag sits up straight when it sits on a flat surface.   Hold your posture ladies, no slouching!
  4. Two outside  pockets – one in front with a magnetic snap closure, and one in back with a zip closure.  These are perfect for all those items that get lost in your purse (keys, cell phone charger cords, earbuds).  Because the zipper and snap keep things in place; everything is always right where you need it.
  5. Large –  throw in your iPad, organizer, a spare pare of flats, or even a small jacket; there’s still plenty of space.  The large exterior zipper on top of the bag prevents spilage in case it ever tips over; but leaves just enough room on the corners to drop things in when you’re on the go.
  6. Inner pockets – an added bonus. The inside zipper pocket is deep and big enough to store cards, money, and your favorite makeup must have’s.  The sectioned pockets are easy storage for cell phones and other items you access often.
  7. Beautiful exterior, beautiful interior – black on nude with coordinating beige lenin-like lining.  The color of this bag is listed as black/white.  But don’t be fooled ladies,  the purse is actually a black/nude.  It was a perfect pair with this spring 2011′s pale nude color, Pantone 12-1206 Silver Peony, and it will continue to be a hit with this fall 2012′s  Pantone 14-1506 Rose Smoke. I love a trend with longevity.
  8. Coordinating accessories – I was a disappointed there was no matching wallet.  However, the  Aldo Quella  makes a suitable substitute.  The faux-ostrich pattern adds textured variety.
  9. Rugged durability with a classy quality – This lush, leather-like, quilted bag with complementary  stitching is fit to be perfectly paired  with a neutral pump;  or can work just as nice as an everyday purse out on the town.
  10. Price range – for everything this bag can do, get one while you still can. 




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