The Thurmond Memorial Scholarship Fund

Do you know a young lady who shines from the inside out?  Encourage her to apply to be a Thurmond Scholar.  Complete the application below and submit it via email to the address at the bottom  of the page.   Applicants will win a complete makeover courtesy of Solstice Imaging Inc.  Scholarship winners can schedule appointments for cotillions, proms, graduation, first day of school or any occasion.

The Ladies of Distinction With Solstice Imaging Inc. Present


The Thurmond Memorial Scholarship
Keep Shining From The Inside Out

This scholarship celebrates young ladies who shine with beauty from the inside, out.

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Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be a High School aged young woman who shines from the inside out and deserves recognition.
  • Must demonstrate Ms Thurmond’s qualities: kindness, commitment, creativity, and sacrifice. Submit 3 letters of recommendation certifying that you embody these characteristics. Recommendations can come from either teachers, mentors, parents, community members or peers.
  • Creatively articulate the answers to three questions: How do you see yourself? How do you see the world? How have you made a difference?
  • Submissions will be judged based on the attached rubric
  • Demonstrate your answers to these questions by:

Video presentation
Leading a discussion
Teaching a workshop
Power point
Pod cast
Web design
Journalism Article or Layout

Indicate the type of submission (listed above) and include any comments describing all the items included in your submission.

Please indicate if you have a specific date, time, or location where you’d like to present or be evaluated in person.

Applications must be submitted via email to Mrs. Story Ballentine at


Thurmond Memorial Scholarship Rubric











How do you see yourself?

Shows no knowledge of self, character or talents through project. Shows little knowledge of self, character and talents through project. Demonstrates thorough  knowledge of self, character traits and talents through project. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of self, character and talents by using details and self evaluation.

How do you see the world?

Has no understanding or opinion of world issues and problems. Has little or some understanding of world issues and problems. Has concern, compassion, and understands the world and important current issues . Has concern for people, the world, understands world issues and acts as a willing participant to make a difference in the future.

How have you made a difference?

Shows no difference or proof of learning or making contributions. Shows some proof of learning or makes some differences or contributions. Shows a genuine concern for the community and displays a difference through care, concern and growth from start to finish. Shows a genuine concern for the community, displays it through care and concern, positive behavior and feedback and sets examples as a great role model and mentor.


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