Solstice Imaging Inc. consults with individuals and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and communication skills thorough coaching, presentations seminars and workshops.

We have consulted with individuals to:

  • Create wardrobes that work within a certain budget or lifestyle.
  • Edit existing wardrobes and create outfits from existing clothes and accessories.
  • Shop for accessories to complete a look.
  • Prepare a polished professional presence for entering the job market or the college admission process.
  • Find unique pieces that transform or harmonize with your current wardrobe.
  • Get discount on designer items.
  • Save time and money before you shop by narrowing your choices to suit your figure and fashion personality.
  • Find out why choosing your colors makes a difference in your confidence and performance.
  • Gain a competitive edge by improving presence and confidence.
  • Organize your life to be more productive.
  • Prepare for professional portraits, public appearances and presentations, family portraits, glamour shots, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries.
  • Get expert help to look and feel your best for the special occasions, performances and important events in your life.
  • Save time and money by knowing how to pick colors and items that complement your personality, complement your figure and utilize trends.

We have consulted with community organizations and corporations to:

  • Define and strengthen their brand.
  • Get to know and expand their customer base.
  • Provide professional development workshops and programs to help employees get along better, understand business etiquette, improve workplace performance and increase productivity.
  • Provide styling for professional portraits.

We have consulted with schools, teachers, students and universities to:

  • Create programs, workshops, curriculum and presentations.
  • Provide mentoring and coaching for students, classes and student groups.
  • Assist in image management for professional organizations, honor societies, fraternities and sororities.

We have consulted with brides and party planners to:

  • Select themes, colors, wardrobe, accessories and other special details that make the difference or add that special touch.
  • Provide styling for weddings, ¬†anniversary parties and other special occasions.


image consulting

What does your image say about what you know, who you are, or what you can do?  A little polish can help you Shine at Your Peak Potential.