Program Description


The Ladies of Distinction trains girls to become distinctive ladies by educating them in four areas mentoring, management, marketing and role modeling.  After participating in creative group projects, challenging individual assignments and intriguing guest speakers, girls practice the skills they have learned in culminating projects such as, elementary school visits, girls confrences, a wellness projects and a fashion shows. Students are evaluated on their preformance in a reality TV show format including, challenges, video journals, a judging pannel and the opportunity to win one of 5 Distinctive Lady Awards.


Mission Statement


Educate: Our young females with instructions that will equip them with the knowledge that will make them distinctive ladies.


Motivate: them to become positive, well balanced young ladies that will grow into positive, well balanced women that display these characteristics throughout life.


Elevate: them to realize their infinite potential and become essential to the  heart and fabric of society they live in and the one they will shape in the future.


A Top Model is a Role Model…We are the Ladies of Distinction


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Contact 312-520-8824 for more information about our fall program and scholarship opportunities.

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